3 Year Subscription Bundle (Reseller)

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With a 3 year subscription the hardware if FREE.  If you wish to sign up for a 1-year subscription you pay for the hardware that you need.

You can select your hardware from the drop-down below. Subscriptions require a minimum of 1 gateway to 6 sensors.

£30.00 every 3 years

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The Sensee system operates using the Senomate cloud platform, for which there is a yearly or 3 yearly subscription.  The platform is based on Microsoft’s Azure environment, and assembles your sensor data in an easy to read format, so at a glance you can see how your appliances are performing 24/7. 

You can also generate accurate temperature reports for the all important Environmental Health checks, print or view online as well as set alerts to be notified should the temperature of your fridge or freezer be too low or too high.  Alongside the cloud platform there is also a mobile app giving you the same functionality and usability as if viewing on a PC, laptop or tablet. You really can access temperature data anytime anywhere.