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Sensee is the leading temperature monitoring system that provides live stats 24/7. The system consists of a gateway and one or more sensors that are placed inside the fridge or freezer. The sensors run on a long life, special low temperature battery and the system operates on WiFI. The gateway is attached to the mains via a USB charger which is included.

The system is easily set up by scanning a QR on the sensor which connects it to the online cloud platform. From there you can view the data, run reports and customise alerts to be notified if the temperature goes above or below those set. There is also a really useful mobile app with the same access to the platform as well as functionality and usability.



Each sensor requires a subscription that can be bought on a 1 year or 3 year basis.

3 years – £15 per month – hardware is FREE

1 year – £15 per month – pay for hardware




Trial the Sensee System for 1 month for just £90 and at the end of the trial, if you don't absolutely love it, we will refund you in full. Fill out the form below to get started

The Sensee system operates using the Senomate cloud platform, for which there is a yearly or 3 yearly subscription. The platform is based on Microsoft’s Azure environment, and assembles your sensor data in an easy to read format, so at a glance you can see how your appliances are performing 24/7.

You can also generate accurate temperature reports for the all important Environmental Health checks, print or view online as well as set alerts to be notified should the temperature of your fridge or freezer be too low or too high. Alongside the cloud platform there is also a mobile app giving you the same functionality and usability as if viewing on a PC, laptop or tablet. You really can access temperature data anytime anywhere.

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If you need help and support to set up the system read these useful how to’s and FAQ guides on this site. We can also come to site to install which is subject to site visit charge

Site visit charge

  • Site Visit fee £60
  • Hourly rate on site £85
  • Day rate (8 hours) £400